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San Francisco Teardrops lyrics


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     San Francisco Teardrops
    >> Marty Robbins
        Lonely little San Francisco teardrops
    Mixed with lonely San Francisco raindrops
    Frantically I try to find the way to say
    What I feel in my heart
    As I drive as slowly as I can up
    To the ramp that says depart
    Pride has closed my lips and I suppose
    That I have grown too big to cry
    Well, what could be as lonely as a
    San Francisco airport kiss goodbye
    I wish your plane was late for just an hour
    Maybe then my heart could find the power
    To say all the things I should have said
    Before I let it go this far
    I'd go get your bags and take your hand
    And walk you back out to the car
    It's too late we've reached the gate
    That you walk through and disappear from sight
    I bet there'll be a lot of lonely
    San Francisco teardrops fall tonight
    As you raise your head to say goodbye
    What's that in the corner of your eye
    For do I see a tear begin to form
    And slowly trickle down your cheek
    I guess you see one too because I'm cryin'
    I'm so happy I can't speak
    People understand our happiness because
    They smile as they walk by
    But they don't know the beauty of
    A San Francisco teardrop in your eye
    No they don't know the beauty of
    A San Francisco teardrop in your eye
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